Yamaha FD02 Custom "Half Off" Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha FD02 Custom "Half Off" Acoustic Guitar

Condition: Poor

Tired of the same old playable guitars you see everywhere else? Bored with guitars that have more than 9 frets? Looking for something just to take up more space in your life? Your search is over. Who needs a guitar with nice low action? That's lame. This baby has strings high enough to drive a truck underneath. Intonation? We don't need no stinking intonation! If by some miracle you are able to make the strings actually touch the frets, your chances of playing something that resembles a pleasant chord is as likely as a Beatles reunion tour. As a bonus feature, the nut has been left unglued for easy removal. And don't forget to check out the photo featuring the amazing neck repair.

Don't delay. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a guitar that Yamaha might just sue us over. This guitar will make you the mythical tall-tale hero your town has been waiting decades for.

 Disclaimer: This guitar is completely unplayable and is purely for novelty purposes.