Instrument Repairs

Mountain Music offers professional repair work on a variety of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars/basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, violins, violas, cellos, amplifiers, brass horns, woodwinds, dulcimers, accordions, autoharps, drums and percussion.

No surprise charges. We tell you what the repair will cost before we do any work. If you don't approve the price, we don't charge a diagnostic/bench fee. If, during the repair process, we discover anything else that should be addressed, we will get your approval before going further. 

Basic string change for most instruments* is $15 plus strings. *(Additional charge for Floyd Rose style guitars, Autoharps, Hammer Dulcimers, and instruments with more than 8 string.)

Standard string instrument setup is $39 plus strings (string change included). Any additional parts required are extra.

Stuck mouthpiece removal is $5.

Woodwind cork replacement is $15 each plus cork material.

Further questions call us at 423 875 5250