Tama Stage Master Low Snare Drum Stand

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For 12" to 15" Diameter Snare Drums
-25.4mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
-Low Position Setting Basket
-Universal Gearless Tilter
-Double Braced Legs
-Weight: 2.7kg (5.15lbs)
-Height Adjustment Range: 370mm - 530mm (14
9/16" – 20 7/8")

The universal tilter securely holds its position with metal-plate friction instead of traditional gears so you can adjust it to any angle you desire.

You can mount this Hoop Grip on various shaped hoops by adjusting the position of the claw on the upper side. Simply loosen the hexagon socket head bolt and slide the claw to adjust.

The HS40LOWN snare stand features a new snare basket which allows the snare drum to be positioned 100mm lower than the HS40WN stand.