Rockboard Quad 4.1 Pedalboard w/ Gig Bag

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Rockboard Quad 4.1 Pedalboard w/ Gig Bag

Condition: Brand New from an Authorized Rockboard Dealer

The new RockBoard pedalboard series has been completely re-designed to create a pedalboard that is lightweight, rigid and rugged, and allows for the use of a multitude of pedals as well as power supply mounting solutions. Its uniquely ingenious construction is based on only one folded, cold-rolled aluminum sheet for the board frame and has not a single welded seam. This makes the board surface completely plain and gives you more pedalboard space for your money. The innovative slot-based design works equally well with the RockBoard Quick Mount pedal mounting plates (sold separately) as well as with standard mounting solutions (e.g. hook and loop tape, cable ties). The slots also let you easily hide cables underneath the surface for a neat and tidy setup. Additionally, any power supply can either be mounted underneath the board surface, or using the optional RockBoard The Tray universal power supply mounting solution. All newer RockBoard models (except Duo 2.1) are compatible with the RockBoard MOD patchbays. This Quad 4.1 series has 13" x 18.5" of surface area and can fit approximately 7 to 12 effects pedals (depending on size). The Quad 4.1 also has mounting holes to attach an LED light! Rockboard LED Lights are sold separately. This pedal board comes with a gig bag carrying case with strap, as well as some zip ties and hook-and-loop tape for mounting your pedals. What an awesome deal on something that every guitarist or bassist should have in their arsenal!


  • Includes Gig Bag and Hook-and-Loop Tape
  • 13" x 18.5" Surface
  • LED Light Mounting Holes
  • Works with Quickmount Pedals
  • For approx. 7 to 12 effects pedals (depending on size)
  • slot for RockBoard MOD patch bays
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)