Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

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Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

Condition: Mint (New Open Box From Authorized Fender Dealer)

Behold! Fender has managed to release the most ambitious and exciting headphone amp available. The Mustang Micro can easily fit in your pocket, and has a slew of amps, effects, and tones. More specifically, 12 different amps and 12 different effects combos. You can choose from 5 different preset EQ settings for each amp and there are multiple preset modification settings for each effect. And these aren't just any amp modeling features, these are the same ones Fender uses in their premium GTX series modeling amps, but this one is a fraction of the price. Fender even gives you a different color light to indicate which setting you are on for each of the four parameters.

It is USB rechargeable, and firmware updates are downloadable via USB as well. Plug the Mustang Micro into your computer via USB and it functions as an audio interface to play and record tracks into your Mac or PC.

The adjustable 1/4" plug fits ANY guitar input jack (unlike some of those other headphone amps out there).

Play through headphones or a separate speaker. Use the Bluetooth feature to jam along with songs or videos wirelessly.

Good luck finding an amp that does this much for this price.

Instrument and headphones not included.


  • 1/8" Output
  • Bluetooth Capable 
  • USB
  • 12 Amp Models
  • 12 FX Combos
  • EQ Control
  • Modify FX Control
  • GTX Modeling Technology
  • 4+ Hours of playing time per charge