NEW D'Andrea Pro Sparkle Pickguard Strat Style Guitars Silver

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This is a Brand New D'Andrea Pro Sparkle Pickguard for Strat style guitars.  This is an easy and affordable way to customize your instrument. If you can change your strings and safely operate a screwdriver, you got this!

(Uses your screws. No Screws Included)


  • 4-Ply Celluloid Construction
  • Foil Shielding
  • Precision Cut
  • Hand Polished
  • 11 Screw holes
  • Made In USA

 D’Andrea Pro Pickguards fit American, American Standard, American Deluxe, American Special, Highway One™, Road Worn®, Deluxe Player, Blacktop, Standard, Deluxe and Modern Player series Strat guitars with three single-coil pickups (also fits Squier® Standard series Strat models 2004-present).