Humes & Berg Straight Mute Trumpet

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Humes & Berg Straight Mute Trumpet

Condition: Very Good

At time of posting, there are 3 in-stock. Only one has a full logo visible, the other two do not. All of them are perfectly functional, but are used. Buying any one of these is the same as buying one of the others.

- Stone lined 

- Cork Stops / Bumpers

- A must for any trumpet player's collection 

Cosmetics to note about the three mutes in-stock:

  • The mute with the Full Logo has a small chip in one of cork stops, nothing to worry about, it's a small chip and the stop works great.
  • The mute with logo badge but no visible font - just has one sharpie mark on it
  • The mute with no logo badge at all has a sharpie mark on it and the red paint at small end is chipping a little.