Yamaha PSR-E283 Portable Keyboard w/ Power Supply

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Yamaha PSR-E283 Portable Keyboard w/ Power Supply

Condition: New from an Authorized Yamaha Dealer

This 61-key portable keyboard, featuring a wide variety of sounds and functions, is an ideal first instrument for aspiring musicians who are just starting out.

In addition to gorgeous piano sounds — including a stunning grand piano Voice — this keyboard comes with a vast number of realistic instrument Voices, including guitar and bass, percussion and drums. There are even built-in features to train your ears – perfect for keeping young students entertained. Choose your favorite Voices – and have fun while you practice!

With a variety of Quizzes that train your ears while you play, as well as various built-in Songs with helpful Lesson functions, this keyboard can guide you on your musical journey, no matter your skill level. There’s also a function that grades your performances, so you can efficiently step up your skills — and enjoy yourself while doing it!

61 Keys, 410 Voices, 122 Songs, 150 Styles, Lessons, Recording, Aux Input