Yamaha FG-110 Acoustic Guitar Vintage Nippon Gakki Red Label MIJ

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As far as we can tell, this is a first-year export (1972) Yamaha acoustic guitar. 

There are numerous cosmetic dents and dings and wear distributed about the body and neck (see pics). The worst one is at the base of the back. It does appear to be stable since it is over the tail block and has already spread as far as it can.

It plays well and has a bright, lively feel to it. 

There is a little fret wear under the unwound strings on the first-third frets. Also note the heat stripes on the headstock... Someone frequently  tucked their cigarettes under the strings whilst playing a lot of C, G, D and F chords on this thing.

The nut width is a comfortable 1-11/16 inches and the scale length is 25 inches.