Vox Valvetronix ToneLab LE Guitar Multi-Effects Processor w/ Bag and Manual

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Vox Valvetronix ToneLab LE Guitar Multi-Effects Processor w/ Bag and Manual


This is an effects-guitarist's dream. This Vox multi-effects processor allows you to work in presets or FX mode, allowing 4 different stompbox effects at once. It has a built in tube, allowing you to use the Amp / Cab simulator even more authentically, since some of the Cabs offered are, in reality, tube amps. 


Preset Mode allows you to utilize the 5 effect components,

  1. Effects pedal  (16 options)
  2. Amp/Cab simulator  (16 options) 
  3. Modulation setting   (11 options) 
  4. Delay setting     (11 options)
  5. AND Reverb setting   (11 options)

all set to your preference and parameters, and running any or all of those components at once, all saved as a preset! AND you can save up to 4 of those personalized groupings per memory bank, with 120 memory banks available. So ultimately, you can have up to 480 personalized presets saved at once. 

FX Mode allows you to use the processor as 4 separate pedals at once, letting you turn each pedal on or off when you need to (Effect Pedal, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb) as well as offering the ability to change the parameters of those pedals just by clicking the pedal's option button and using the knobs to change what you need to.

If you love effects pedals and messing around with multiple effects and tones at once, and having the ability to save and recall them. 

The only thing worth noting about the condition of this pedal is there is light light dust buildup in the wah pedal's rubber top. Other than that, it's in excellent cosmetic condition and working order.