Vintage Universal Electric Guitar Hardshell Case

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Vintage Universal Electric Guitar Hardshell Case

Condition: Good

This is a rectangular universal electric guitar case. The interior has a bright orange thin cloth interior. It has a single storage compartment.

Only the right side (the "body area") of the case's interior has padding, which is light/thin. The handle and latches work, but aren't perfect. This would be a great item for someone needing a case for long-term storage in one location, not necessarily great for travel or heavy use.

Sizing: Case Length: 40" long

Important to know, there are small facets of this case that make sizing and measurements a bit difficult. Two bumpers at tail end of body area, a small wooden protrusion at neck joint (left side), and second half of body area is narrower than first half. SEE FINAL PHOTO for sizing visual.

PLEASE NOTE:  This case is in "Good" condition due to its cosmetic state. There are a few spots of heavy wear in the interior cloth. The exterior has heavy markings and wear. The tolex is peeling away in multiple spots on the exterior. Overall, as stated, the case works perfectly if being used for non-heavy travel and use.