Vintage Fidardo Professional Accordion w/ Hard Case

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Vintage Fidardo Professional Accordion w/ Hard Case

Condition: Very Good

This is an old Italian accordion that comes with a non-padded hardshell case. The originally-white ivories and white components appear more off-white, yellowish now.

Made in Italy

PLEASE NOTE: This item is in "Very Good" condition due to its cosmetic state, considering its approximate age. The case has some staining inside, and exterior has multiple issues of the "tolex" tearing away from the case, and some wood is exposed. The accordion has one key with a crack (final image, bottom left).  The straps also have some wear but still function well. A bit of duct tape reside on underside of accordion. Also, both wooden edges on the bass buttons side have missing dark pearl paneling (bottom half is there, but top half is missing, see final photo). PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOS VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING.