Vintage Brand VSA-500 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

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Vintage Brand VSA-500 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Condition: Very Good

This is a Semi-Hollow body electric by the company "Vintage." It has a Gloss finish and Gloss neck, and has a thin body shape with a slightly arched back (shown in photo 11).


  • 3-Way Pickup Selector
  • 4 Volume / Tone knobs
  • Dual Humbucker Pickups
  • Tobacco Sunburst Finish
  • Thin body
  • Gloss Finish and Neck
  • Chrome hardware and Grover Tuners
  • Output Jack on Front near knobs

Please Note: This guitar is in Very Good condition (vs Excellent) due to some small cosmetic issues:

  • As seen in the final 2 photos, there are two small holes on the front and side where there used to be a pickguard. These are not too noticeable, but are worth mentioning.
  • Slight buckle rash on the back side (and throughout guitar), due to normal use from past users.
  • Headstock has some slight, barely noticeable blemishes as well, including a TINY knick at the very end of the headstock.
  • Also important to note: the cables leading to from one component to another at the Vol / Tone knobs don't want to recede out of sight, they stay in sight pretty much always. This is visible if you look closely at the third image.

Even with its issues, this guitar plays well and has great intonation! The action is also set very well, not too high and not too low anywhere on the neck.

This guitar is a product by John Hornby Skewes, Designed in association with Trey Wilkinson.