Vintage 14" Snare Case Sturdy Riveted Fiberboard

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This vintage fiberboard snare case is sized for a 14" snare and has a healthy dose of cool to go along with its rugged good looks. Though its been around the block a few times, it still stands ready to keep your snare safe from the ravages of transport and storage.

Exterior dimensions 17"x19"x8.5"

The Cons:

  • numerous minor scuffs and edge wear
  • minor but noticeable rust on the steel latches and corners
  • three small holes in random spots. These look like they were made with a pen or detached kick drum beater or ??? (see pics)

The Pros:

  • Rust means the fittings are steel. Not aluminum or chintzy pot metal...real steel.
  • There are steel rivets every 1-1.5" at the seams.
  • The tapered side compartment will accommodate sticks and mallets.
  • You won't get your case confused with anyone else's!