The Loar LM520VS Hand-Carved F-Body Mandolin Sunburst

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This The Loar mandolin is in Very Good Condition. There are a couple of very minor marks in the finish, but there are two issues that need to be pointed out. 

1. This mando has had a Florida-ectomy.  The last little but of extended fingerboard has been lopped off. Looks like it was well done surgery; the only thing you're missing is the ability to play ridiculously high-pitched notes.

2. The paint on the body beneath where the Florida sat is a bit wrinkly... oddly like my fingers at the end of a long bath (see pics).

This is a fully carved instrument for 400 bucks and it is well-made.


  • Solid hand carved Spruce top
  • Solid hand carved maple back and sides
  • Maple v-neck
  • Bound Rosewood fingerboard
  • M.O.P Logo
  • Grover tuners with pearloid buttons.