Tama Omni Sphere - Double Tom Drum Holder Mount - 1" Diameter

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Tama Omni Sphere - Double Tom Drum Mount - 1" Diameter

Condition: Very Good

This is a used Tama double tom drum holder, meant to mount into a bass drum or onto a stand; the 2 sections could be separated and used with different stands. It offers a middle rotating joint, and two separate ball joints, allowing for very flexible positioning for your toms. The mounting shaft to be inserted into the bass drum has a 1" Diameter.

This one is currently missing a memory lock on one of the tom arms, however. Besides this, the item's metal and moving parts are in Excellent condition, with two tiny cosmetic blemishes in the metal, almost unnoticeable. We listed it as Very Good due to the one missing memory lock and these two spots.

Length with telescoping arm fully extended:  29"

Telescoping Arm Shaft Diameter:  11/16"

Width Between Two Drum Arms when Spread:  10.5"

Telescoping Arm's Individual Length:  12"