Suzuki QC-1 QChord Digital Songcard Guitar

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Suzuki QC-1 QChord Digital Songcard Guitar

Condition: Very Good

This would make an excellent gift for a child or someone working their way into playing or understanding music!

This is a "digital soundcard guitar" by Suzuki. The best way we can describe this instrument is "a digital, multi-functional autoharp." There are 10 voice presets that can be "strummed" on the digital strum bar (black and grey stripes on front), with 10-15 different zones for picking up different notes as you "pluck" or "strum."

You use the different chord buttons on the handle to change the chord you are playing as you strum. These chord buttons also change the key the accompanying band is playing in behind your strummed notes. The accompaniment band percussion style, tempo, volume, and song structure can all be modified on this instrument. The QChord also allows for external sound cards to be installed in a slot on the end of the handle.

This can run on six C+ batteries or a DC 12v adapter (NOT included). It has the power input jack, a 5-pin MIDI in and out jack, and a 1/4" Phones / Line out jack. It does have a built-in speaker for use. 

PLEASE NOTE: This item is in "Very Good" (vs excellent) condition due to cosmetic imperfections throughout the body. There are multiple instances of blemishes and markings on the plastic exterior from past use. None of these impact the functionality or the structural integrity of the item. Please view all photos closely before purchasing!