Stradivarius Copy 4/4 Size Violin MIG w/ Case & Bow

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Stradivarius Copy 4/4 Size Violin MIG w/ Case & Bow

Condition: Good

This is a 4/4 Size Stradivarius copy violin in good condition especially for its age. The label reads "Antonius Stradiuarius Cremoæ Faciebat Anno 1754".  It has a highly flamed maple back and an engraving on the back of the pegbox that reads "Concert Violin Straduarius". This violin was not actually made in 1754, but it is an older instrument with signs of wear typical of an instrument its age. There are a few small nicks in the fingerboard. The body has several scratches and nicks of various sizes. Generally the back has avoided these scratches more than the top, except on the lower bout opposite of the chinrest. The treble side f-hole has also lost some of its finish along the outside edge. There is some wear on the chinrest as well and it is easy to see this violin has been played quite a bit. This piece includes a rigid zip-up case and a bow that are both in really good shape.


  • Stradivarius Copy
  • Made in Germany
  • 4/4 Size
  • Highly Flamed Maple Back
  • Engraving on Back of Pegbox
  • Includes Case & Bow