NEW Stagg DMS5700H 7pc Unidirectional Dynamic Drum Mic Set w/Case and Clips

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**Brand New**

Stagg DMS5700H Drum Microphone Set

  • 7 Microphones total: 1 dynamic microphone for kick drum (DM-5010), 4 dynamic microphones for toms and snare drums (DM-5020) and 2 electret condenser microphones for cymbals, hi-hats and overhead recording (CM-5050)
  • Clamps: 7 clamps included
  • Fastening: 2 break-resistant swivel adaptors (rotating 180°) with universal 3/8" and 5/8" thread
  • Legal aspect: Compliant with the RoHS directive
  • Included: Lightweight and durable lockable carrying case w/key