Rare Squier Hardshell Dreadnought Guitar Case

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Rare Squier Hardshell Dreadnought Guitar Case

Condition: Good

This is certainly a piece of music hardware you don't see everyday! This is a Squier branded hardshell acoustic guitar case for a dreadnought body style. The interior is preserved especially well. This case has a bit of warping on one of the corners of the headstock section. One of the metal feet has also caved into the bottom of the exterior of the case. Aside from these issues and some rusting in the metal hardware, this case is in good condition.  This would be a fine addition to any Fender oddities collection or just to protect your Squier acoustic!


  • Full Length: 43"
  • Upper Bout: 12"
  • Lower Bout: 16"
  • Depth: 6"