Sonor Select Force Jungle Bass Drum - 16" x 16" - Brown Galaxy Sparkle

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Sonor Select Force Bass Drum - 16" x 16" - Brown Galaxy Sparkle

Condition: Very Good

This is a used Sonor Select Force bass drum. It is 16" x 16" and features sweeping spurs with retractable rubber feet and memory locks, which are in excellent condition. It also features the Brown Galaxy Sparkle finish, which is a combination of Light/Bright Brown and a mixture of Dark Green and Blue. 

  • 16" x 16"
  • Retractable Rubber Feet w/ Memory Locks
  • Sweeping Spurs
  • Mounting Bracket for Toms on top of Drum
  • Mounting Bracket for Riser on bottom of Drum


This drum is in Very Good condition for a couple reasons:   (see final photo)

  • Light cosmetic blemishes in hoops in various spots
  • Radioactive mirror decal on Resonator head
  • 2 Holes drilled into the side, no cracking or fractures
  • Missing the Riser

Overall, this drum is in Very Good condition and shouldn't be overlooked due to the issues listed, but they are good to note.