Selmer Bundy II Alto Saxophone w/ Case & Mouthpiece

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Selmer Bundy II Alto Saxophone w/ Case & Mouthpiece

Condition:  Good

This is a used Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone. It comes with a case, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, strap, and certificate of warranty (most likely void). It would be a great affordable option for new students or anyone looking for a budget alto sax.

Something to know: The octave key mechanism was missing a small bar that moves the octave pad. This piece had a third-party part manufactured so it would function properly, so now it does.  See final photo for visual.


This item is in Good (vs Excellent or Very Good) condition due to its cosmetic state. There is corrosion throughout the sax, some discoloration, and fading in the used-to-be shiny parts. There are 2 small dents near the bottom end of the sax, back side (pictured). The bell has some corrosion and discoloration inside. The mouthpiece is lightly used, as well as the case. The case's exterior is medium worn, missing the logo plates. The interior is lightly worn, but is pretty clean.