Samson C Com 16 Compressor

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This C Com 16 is in Excellent shape. There are only the lightest marks on the blue and grey finish. The rubber bumpers show a couple of small marks, and the power supply has the most wear... looking like it's been riding around in a sack full of cords and cables. The wire is fine, but the plastic housing on the wall wart is fairly scuffed.

From Samson's website:

A compact, full-featured compressor for the desktop.A full-featured Stereo Compressor/Limiter with 16 settings. There are fifteen presets and a manual mode for more critical adjustments when required. The C-com 16's controls include variable threshold, ratio, attack, decay, release and output level. An enhancer provides the added character that is lost under heavy compression. Key output/input for outboard triggering or external filtering of the key signal. A 6-segment LED gain reduction meter and a 6-segment LED input/output meter provides visual monitoring of the circuit's affect.