Rapco 100 Ft Stage Snake - 32 Channels + 8 Returns

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Rapco 100 Ft Stage Snake - 32 Channel+ 8 Returns

Condition: Good

This is a 100 ft stage snake with 32 XLR sends. From testing, all channels deliver clean signal and function properly.


  • 32 XLR Sends
  • 6 XLR Returns + 2 Bal. 1/4" Returns
  • 100' Snake Length
  • Color-coded sections for easy navigation


This snake is in "Good" condition due to cosmetic issues. The head has some corrosion and a few paint bubbles on one side. The front face is missing the channel labels for most of the inputs, and all the outputs. The two 1/4" return connectors are missing tension relief parts. The bottom right XLR faceplate seems to have stripped threading or stripped screws, as it won't fully secure, but still sits in just fine.

Channel 5 is seen in photos as a bit shorter than the rest of the White section's connectors, due to the fact the cable was severed and we repaired it in-house. We were unable to salvage the original Channel label on it, so we replaced it.