Pro-Line Guitar Amp Stand

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Pro-Line Guitar Amp Stand

Condition: Good

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This amp stand by Pro Line is able to be broken down and transported very easily, which is perfect for travelling professional guitarists! If you don't own an amp stand as a professional guitarist, you should, and this one could be yours! This stand sets an amplifier around 5-10 degrees above flat (some stands set amps at 30-40 degrees), so it sits just a bit angled compared to if it were just sitting on the floor.

It is height-adjustable with 5 positions, utilizes a double-point securing system to prevent any pieces from slipping during use, and is very sturdy for such a light rig, able to be used with any small to medium-sized amps.


This stand is in "Good" condition due to a couple reasons:  There are light markings, blemishes, and corrosion throughout the body, the foam pads are in light worn condition, and one of the screws holding the body in place is a bit loose (final photo). Overall, this stand functions very well, it just may require a bit of attention or work before you can trust it 100%.