Peavey USA Combo 300 1x15" Bass Amplifier

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Peavey USA Combo 300 1x15" Bass Amplifier

Condition: Very Good

This bass amp comes from an era where Peavey were making affordable, heavy duty, American gear. With its 1x15" Black Widow speaker this behemoth really shakes the place! Peavey did not skimp out on the controls for this amp. It has a Pre & Post gain controls which are Pull/Push knobs Pre turns to bright and posts turns to Punch, Low EQ knobs: Bottom (60 Hz), Punch (120 Hz), Body (250 Hz), & Timbre (500 Hz), High EQ knobs: Clarity (1 kHz), Bright (2 kHz), Presence (4 kHz), & Edge (8 kHz), a crossover knob for running to an external subwoofer and a ground switch. On the back there is an output for an external speaker. The tolex is a little bit dirty, there are some rusty screws and a crack in the plastic grill on top by the handle, but overall this amp is in very good condition. The power cable has been replaced but it works as intended and there are casters attached to the bottom to help wheel it around.


  • 1 x 15" Peavey Black Widow Speaker
  • Allows For External Speaker Use
  • Pre & Post Gain Controls
  • Low-Gain & Hi-Gain Inputs
  • Patch In & Out
  • 8-Band EQ
  • Casters Attched for Easy Mobility
  • Made in USA