Peavey MFP-2128 MIDI Floor Effect Programmer

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Peavey MFP-2128 MIDI Floor Effect Programmer

Condition: Good

This is an American-made Peavey MFP 2128 MIDI Floor Effect Programmer in good condition. This is a powered pedalboard with MIDI controls. This floor effect programmer provides ultimate capability to control 5 floor effects devices via MIDI. Effects devices can be chained in any sequence making possible wide range multiple processing options without the need for manual repatching.  Recall of stored programs may also be accomplished remotely by means of a MIDI controller. This piece has lost the black felt lining that covered the pedalboard and foam. Some of the dried glue can be seen from this removal. This programmer does not include a power cable but it has been tested and works. It requires a power cable with the specs of; 16 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Watts (not included). It does include several patch cables though. The back of the case has a few scratches and some of the foam has been torn a little bit. This is an awesome uncommon piece though, and it would fit in greatly in any collection!


  • Program routing assignment for up to 5 effects units
  • Recall up to 128 presets via MIDI
  • Foot control of program set, increment, decrement and bypass
  • On board 9-volt DC power for all five effects locations
  • Large LED Displays for ready reference
  • Signal splitting capabilities
  • Rugged flight-case packaging with strap handle and removable lid
  • Programmable switch delay time
  • Power Supply not included (16 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Watts)