PBC Telecaster Copy Electric Guitar

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PBC Telecaster Copy Electric Guitar

Condition: Very Good - 

This electric guitar plays wonderfully, and has a great setup. It has seen some rough love, but in the hands of the right player, it wouldn't even matter. If you want a guitar with a great setup, a smooth fretboard, and a fast neck, don't look any further!

A note about PBC - For a brief period in 1994-1996, PBC was the builder that crafted the rare American-made custom shop guitars for Ibanez.


  • Solid, Telecaster copy body
  • Flame Sunburst finish
  • 3-Way Pickup Selector
  • Bird's Eye Maple Neck
  • 1 Volume & 1 Tone knob
  • Made est 1992-1997

The issues with this guitar are purely cosmetic. As shown in the final image, there are a few tiny knicks in the body (1/8th inch & less), and 1 large (half-inch).

None of these issues make this guitar ANY less special in this writer's eyes (it's an amazing guitar), but still, they are important to note.