Palatino 15" Viola VA-450-15 with Case and Bow

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Palatino 15" Viola VA-450-15 with Case and Bow

Condition: Very Good

"Premium materials are used in the Allegro viola. Ebony pegs and fingerboard generate tuning stability and create a high-density playing surface, just like violas in professional orchestras the world over. Solid hand-carved tone woods allow the instrument to sing and breathe with each stroke."

 Wear on this viola is relatively minimal. There are superficial scratches at multiple points on the body. In the pictures below, you can find that there are some nicks around the edges of it. The main three being at the top of the scroll, on the left corner edge of the upper bout, and on the chin rest. On the fingerboard there is light string wear closer to the nut.

15" body length.