NEW Fender Super Champ X2 - 15 watt Modified Tube Guitar Amplifier

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NEW Fender Super Champ X2 - 15 watt Modified Tube Guitar Amplifier

Brand New from an Authorized Fender Dealer!

Size: 15" Tall  x  17.5" Wide  x  9.2" Deep     24 lbs

This is a unique amp by Fender, offering multiple effects and amp voices, presenting a hybrid experience that's stuck between digital modeling and an authentic tube amp.

This amp offers 2 channels, Clean and Amp Voicing. Both channels flow through the 2-band EQ and the Effects processor. The Clean channel is very simple, with just a volume knob. The Amp Voicing channel has 3 knobs: Gain, Volume, and Voice. There are 16 Voices the player can choose from using the rotary knob, one Voice active at a time, ranging from twangy blues amps to crunchy, hard rock voices.

The effects unit offers an FX Adjust knob and an FX select knob. There are 16 individual effects settings, including "Off." Overall, the major effects available are Delay, Vibratone, Reverb, Chorus, and Tremolo, with mixed options available. There is a Tap Tempo button for the Delay parameters.


  • Small, Portable size
  • 15 watt amplifier from two 6V6 tubes 
  • 10" Fender Special Design speaker 
  • 16 Amp Voices
  • 15 effects with level control  -  w/ Tap Tempo button 
  • Compatibility with 1/4" Footswitch  (not included)
  • Two Channels
  • 1/4" Line Out
  • Silver Grille cloth
  • One 12AX7 Preamp Tube and Two 6V6 Power Tubes