NEW Aged Nickel "Rock Slides by Songhurst" Guitar Slide

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ATTENTION: The Aged Nickel finish has been discontinued. This is the last one available! We will not be able to get any more so if you want it, you need to act fast.

Rock Slides are some of the more comfortable and well-thought slides on the market. This slide is made from aged nickel and offers a cutaway in the insert that allows you to bend your finger while still holding or using the slide!

All Rock Slides have a special cutaway on the outside edge, allowing you to more easily use one finger to control the slide if using it with the overhand method of gripping. Rock slides also feature a tapered interior to more naturally follow the shape of your finger. As well, all of the edges on these slides are smoothed down to help maintain comfortability.

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**Please be aware, due to the "aged" nature of these slides, each one will be unique and differ in appearance. The slide you receive may differ from the photos in this listing.


  • Small     = Ring Size 7-8       17.5mm x 47.5mm  
  • Medium = Ring size 9-11      19.5mm x 58mm 
  • Large   = Ring Size 11.5-13  21.5mm x 59mm
  • X Large = Ring Size 13-14    22.5mm x 66mm