Vintage Nestor Dominique Audinot Violin w/ Case

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Vintage Nestor Audinot Violin w/ Case

Condition: Very Good

This is a vintage Nestor Dominique Audinot Violin in very good condition showing wear typical of an instrument of this age. It has a powerful sound and a thin fingerboard. It features an interesting rope binding on top and back and intricate inlay work on the back. Some of the binding and inlay pieces have come out over time. This violin is believed to have been built by Audinot at 17 Faubourg St Denis, Paris, France (which is on the label) between 1868 and 1875. This is the address where his shop was during those years. The inlay work on the back may have been added later. The label also reads "N Audinot Luthier Eleve De Vuillaume" which translates "Student of Vuillaume". There are repaired cracks that can be seen on the treble side upper bout and the common saddle crack as well. Some work has also been done to the peg box. Modern fittings of course. This violin includes a locking case with key.