Marshall Valvestate 2000 ATV 50 Combo Guitar Amplifier

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Marshall Valvestate 2000 ATV 50 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Made in England

Condition: Very Good

Marshall is a name that many guitarists have counted on for decades and this AVT 50 is right in line with the standard of quality musicians expect from them. This English-made amp is part of the Valvestate series which are solid state amps that attempt to capture that warmth and fullness of a tube amp. It has 50 watts of power and a 12 inch speaker. This amp has one input with an option for a clean or overdriven channel as well as a master reverb. The clean channel has gain, volume, bass and treble controls, where as the overdrive channel has gain, volume, bass, middle, and treble. There is also a 1/4" CD (auxiliary) input and a 1/4" headphone out on the front. Looking at the back there are 1/4" options for FX sends and returns, DI out and a footswitch (not included). As far as the condition of the amp goes everything works as intended but there are a few cosmetic issues. The grill cloth has a few spots that are perforated, there are some scratches and discoloration in the tolex and a few rusty screws. All-in-all this amp goes above and beyond for the price and delivers on the quality standard Marshall amps are known for. 


  • 1x12" Speaker
  • 50 Watts Solid State Power
  • 2 Channels (Clean & Overdrive)
  • 1/4" CD (Aux) In & 1/4" Headphones Out
  • Clean Channel Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble
  • Overdrive Channel Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Master Reverb
  • 1/4" FX Send and 1/4" FX Return
  • 1/4" DI Out
  • Footswitch Jack (Footswitch not Included)
  • Power Supply Included
  • Made in England