Line 6 Spider IV 4x12" Stereo Guitar Amp Cabinet

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Line 6 Spider IV 4x12" Stereo Guitar Amp Cabinet

Condition: Good

This is a 320 Watt slanted guitar speaker cabinet for use with an external amplifier. It has four 12" Celestion Drivers.

On this cabinet, one is able to run a stereo signal into this cabinet, and it will play in Stereo! Pretty cool for a single cabinet.


  • 4 x 12" Celestion G12P-80 drivers
  • Carrying Handle on both sides
  • Maximum 320 Watts at 8 ohms each side (150 watts max each side)
  • Mono Input - 4 ohms
  • Very Clean interior, very

PLEASE NOTE: This cabinet is in Good condition (vs Very Good or higher) due to the cosmetic issues shown. The front of the amp has a large scrape, revealing the wood and material under the tolex exterior. It is very noticeable and is important to note. Other than that, there are other small dirt marks and paint marks throughout the body, but none are as bad as the frontal scrape. Please note these before purchase!