Kay KE-34T Electric Guitar

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This is an '80's Kay KE-34T in Very Good condition.  There are some scuffs/dings on the bottom, some extremely light scratches on the rear cover and a little wear around the truss rod access area.  Otherwise this is a solid Strat copy.  The neck is quite sturdy and thick... reminds me of an '80's P-Bass.

The action is good. There is no tremolo arm included, and it has been set up with enough spring tension that it's practically a hardtail at the moment.

The single-ply pickguard feels very sturdy as well... zero flex, and it has a nice tactile satin feel to it.  

Overall, the vibe I get from this guitar is a Sturdy Strat. It weighs in at 8.4 pounds and just feels solid.