Johnson Marquis JM 120 Guitar Amplifier

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This Johnson Marquis JM120 amp is in Excellent shape, especially considering that it will be 20 years old this fall!

The Johnson Marquis JM120 was one of the most flexible amplifiers in the world at the time of its introduction. With 18 high quality amp models, a host of modulation, pitch shifting, delay, a 12AX7 and reverb effects all at your command, Johnson was ahead of their time.



• 120 Watt Stereo Power Amp

• 100 Watt, 12” Johnson Speaker(s)

• Real 12AX7 Tube Preamp

• Exclusive Johnson Amplification Integrated Amp Modeling

• 18 Different Amp Models

• 3 Effects at Once

• 20 Bit A/D/A

• 24 Bit DSP

• Headphone/Speaker Compensated Direct Outs

• Instant Module Access