Ibanez Gio HSS Black Night Electric Guitar w/ Soft Gig Bag

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Ibanez Gio HSS Black Night Electric Guitar w/ Soft Gig Bag

Condition: Very Good

This is a sparkly black Gio electric guitar by Ibanez. It features an HSS pickup setup (humbucker and 2 single-coils), an SAT10 Ibanez tremolo bridge, a 5-way pickup selector, and one volume + one tone knob.

The setup is currently set nice and moderately: low at the bottom end, not too high at the high end.


  • Black Night finish (solid black with tiny sparkles, SEE FINAL IMAGE)
  • 5-way Pickup Selector
  • HSS coil setup (Humbucker, Single, Single)
  • SAT10 Ibanez Tremolo Bridge (no tremolo bar included)
  • Soft gig bag included w/ carrying handle and backpack straps
  • Chrome Hardware
  • One Volume knob and One Tone Knob
  • Maple neck, Mahogany body, Rosewood fretboard

PLEASE NOTE:  This guitar is in "very good" condition (vs excellent) due to small, insignificant cosmetic issues with the body. See second to final image to see the three issues:

  1. Small knick in edge of lower bout, low e side. 
  2. Centimeter-wide dent in lower bout edge, high e side near out jack
  3. Small knick in finish near pickup selector on edge of lower bout

Other than these issues, the guitar is in awesome condition and plays great.