HQ SoundOff 20" Cymbal Mute

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HQ SoundOff 20" Cymbal Mute - Condition: Very Good

This is a rubber cymbal mute meant for use with a 20" cymbal. This mute does a great job keeping the cymbal from vibrating loudly.

With 20" cymbals being so large and producing such low frequencies, this mute will still allow a tiny amount of low-frequency vibration to occur (most likely), resulting in a quick, quiet, rumble sound, which is still way better than a super loud 20" cymbal freely vibrating. Overall, this mute works great, it just doesn't 100% mute 20" cymbals due to their size.


This mute is in Very Good condition due to its cosmetic state. There are some light signs of wear from past use on the top and bottom, as well as a stretch of medium wear on one side of the bottom, under the flap (shown), which does not inhibit functionality. Also, the cymbal shown in photos is NOT included in this deal.