Holton Double French Horn H179 with Case and Mouthpiece

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Holton Double French Horn H179 with Case and Mouthpiece

Condition: Good

"The Holton H179 is a high-quality French horn that is popular among professional musicians and music educators. It is known for producing a well-balanced, centered tone and being easy to play, even on challenging passages.

The solid nickel silver version of the H179 is particularly noted for its good projection and rich, dark sound, which is especially well-suited for players who prefer a “big horn” sound. The tapered tubing and throat of the bell are larger than those on some other models, which contributes to the horn’s full, velvety tone and adds a hint of ringing overtones. The hard nickel silver material used in the construction of the horn is known for its quick response and bright sound when played up close."

This French horn does have wear to be noted. There is tarnish and scratches throughout the body, as well as some small dents on the bell and taper. The wear is pictured below, but feel free to reach out with further questions.


  • Bore: .468″
  • Key: F/Bb
  • Pitch: A445 with independent Bb tuning
  • Bell: 12.25″ diameter
  • Bell Type: Fixed
  • Bell Throat: Large
  • Bell Material: Hand-hammered nickel silver
  • Leadpipe: Fixed
  • Leadpipe Material: Nickel silver with .310 Venturi
  • Wrap: Kruspe
  • Linkage: String
  • Features: Solid nickel silver inner and outer slides; water key on leadpipe
  • Mouthpiece: Farkas medium deep cup
  • Finish: Nickel Silver
  • Farkas Series