Hohner Imperator V Accordion w/ Case and Straps AS IS / For Parts

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Hohner Imperator V Accordion  w/ Case and Straps


This Hohner Imperator V is in poor condition. It does play and make noise when compressed, but isn't "playable" like an accordion should be. The bellows are in great condition, no issues.

Two of the bass selector keys are broken off, one of the piano keys is not sitting in place properly anymore, there are multiple blemishes in the finish and the wood. The bass dot keys are no longer fully playable (not sitting in place), and the bottom right corner of the accordion (under the highest piano keys) has a dent and crack from what was most likely a drop. The front face plate over the piano keys is bent in.

It is likely there are even more issues, so buy this accordion knowing full well it doesn't work well or look great anymore. It will definitely require internal work to bring it back to fully-working order.

  • Made in Germany
  • 41 Piano Keys
  • 120 Bass Keys
  • 5 voice
  • Straps and Case Included