Genz-Benz Intro 50 Bass Combo Amplifier - 50W

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Genz-Benz Intro 50 Bass Combo Amplifier - 50W

Condition: Excellent

After years of designing and manufacturing bass guitar speaker cabinets, it became obvious that a demand exists for a bass amplifier that reproduces the natural tones of the instrument itself. With so many amplifier manufacturers hyping their “distinctive” sound, it seems forgotten that the player has chosen his instrument for it’s feel, playability and tone.

As with their speakers, GENZ BENZ amplifiers strive to maximize your instrument’s natural tone and feeling without imparting additional coloration. The resulting product will always be true to your instrument’s natural qualities.

The circuit design, features, physical construction and speaker selection have been carefully calculated to give the best performance and value in bass guitar amplification. Featuring natural sounding 4 band equalization and rugged construction, the GENZ BENZ INTRO 50 bass combo will give you the tools necessary to sound your very best in rehearsal or on stage. Ideal for both professionals and beginners to the bass!


  • Input Volume Control
  • 4 Band Active EQ
  • 1/4" Line Out / Aux Input
  • 1/4" Headphone Output
  • XLR Direct Out
  • 12" Genz Benz Model GBE 1230-B
  • Bullet Tweeter
  • 2 Bass Ports on the Back
  • Tilt Back Rubber Feet
  • Quality Construction
  • Metal Protective Speaker Grill