Furman SPB-8C Stereo Pedalboard Power Conditioner

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Get your Kevin Shields on with this Furman SPB-8C Pedal Board Power Conditioner! This particular unit is in good condition, but is missing the luggage-style handle and has some markings on the exterior of the case (see pics). This thing is built like a tank, and has many years left in it. Four cables are included, along with a power cable.


• Solid, non-slip base with room for many stompbox/effects pedals

• Pedal effects attach securely to 13.75” x 26.75” Velcro™ pad

• Stereo effects return, effects loop, and amplifier outputs

• Eight individually isolated, regulated and protected 9VDC outlets, with power cords included

• Four widely spaced 120 VAC, 15A outlets allow enough room for “wall warts”, with master power switch

• 9VDC power jacks and all signal jacks are insulated and isolated, eliminating noisy ground loops

• Furman’s standard level of spike/surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering assures clean power

• Toroidal transformer for ultra low-noise performance

• Rugged construction to withstand years of on-stage use and abuse