Framus Archtop 4-String Tenor Banjo

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Framus Archtop 4-String Tenor Banjo

Condition: Good

This is a tenor banjo by Framus. It has an archtop with chrome hardware,18 brackets, and a new Grover bridge. It also features a zero fret and open gear tuners. 

  • 18 Brackets
  • Decorative Headstock
  • Bound Fingerboard
  • Archtop
  • Zero Fret
  • New Grover Bridge


This banjo is in "Good" condition due to its cosmetic state.

  • The first 1.5" of neck binding on the bass side has been replaced with a different color (final image).
  • The neck was professionally repaired at the heel.
  • The headstock is a little faded and in semi-rough condition.
  • Most of the brackets don't sit all the way down onto the resonator which has a bit of "play" to it.
  • The banjo drum head is in lightly worn condition.
  • There's some pitting in the arm rest.
  • Most of the chrome hardware appears a bit faded. 
  • Edges of the resonator that make contact with brackets have a bit of wear in some spots.