Fender Molded Hardshell Case for Short Scale Electric Bass

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Fender Molded Hardshell Case for Short Scale Electric Bass

Condition: Very Good

This is a molded hardshell Fender case for a short scale electric bass guitar; we are not sure exactly which model. The interior is very clean, and the exterior has minimal cosmetic issues and no functionality issues. It works wonderfully as a case.

Sizes / Specs available in Final Photo for easier size comparison to your bass. Only thing not listed there is the case depth, which is 2"

Please Read: This case is slightly smaller than our normal-sized P-bass and J-basses, neither of which fit. These are some possible basses that could fit:

  • Short-Scale P or J bass
  • Fender Mustang Bass - 30" scale
  • P-bass Lyte
  • Dimension Bass
  • Music Master Bass
  • Fender Sixty Six

IT'S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: We do NOT know which of these instruments fit this case, these are just possibilities.

The case is in "Very Good" condition due to small cosmetic issues. There are a couple wear / scuff marks on the exterior, and the giant Fender logo has a faded white area over it. The latches have some corrosion, but still function great. PLEASE VIEW ALL PHOTOS CLOSELY BEFORE PURCHASE.