Digitech Studio 400 Multi Effects Processor

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Digitech Studio 400 Multi Effects Processor

Condition: Good

Made in the USA. Power Cable included.

The Studio 400 gives you four completely independent inputs and outputs driven by proven Dual S-DISC™ technology. The results are obvious: sparkling clean sound and endless combinations of effects and signal path routings.

Features include:
• Balanced 1/4" and XLR Inputs and Outputs
• Dual S-Discs
• Optional Digital I/O Interface
• 8 Effects at once
• 24 bit data path
• 191(Factory) 100(User) Programs
• Effects include: Reverbs, Choruses, Flangers, Auto-Panners, Tremolo,
Intelligent Pitch Shifting, Delays (Analog and Digital),
Rotary Speaker Simulator, Compressor, and Noise Gate.
There are some cosmetic wear signs to be noted (pictured below,) but the functionality is there.