Crown K1 Power Amplifier with Handles

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We have both K1s and K2's, with and without the handles.


This listing is for a K1 with handles.


These are some serious amps. The K2 puts out 500 watts per channel at 8 ohms, or 2,500w at 4 ohms bridged.  The K1 produces 350/side at 8 ohms and 1,500 bridged at 4. While they're no lightweights, they're not as bad as they could be... the K1 weighs in at 32# and the K2 at 38#. 

These K series amps beat up other digital amps and take their lunch money. The punch, tightness, and articulation in the lower frequencies produced by a rack full of heavy amps pushing big passive subwoofers and 15" midrange drivers creates a distinctive experience, one that is more and more elusive as engineers and venues make the move to lighter and more efficient amplifiers.  

These amps are not crusty road warriors. They've spent their whole lives in one climate-controlled, smoke-free environment amplifying the voices and instruments of young actors and musicians. They're ready to get out and show the world what they can do.