Crate GFX-1200H Guitar Amplifier - Head

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Crate GFX-1200H Guitar Amplifier - Head

Condition: Very Good

This Crate amp is just the head for a guitar amp stack or other external speaker cabinet. It offers 120 watts at 4 ohms, has some nice sounding effects built-in with mix control, and has separate overdrive and clean channels! Overall a great budget amp for someone wanting simplicity and some simple effects to play with.


  • Delay,  Reverb,  Flange,  Chorus,  Chorus+Reverb effects built in
  • 1/4" Stereo Insert jack for external effects
  • 1/4" Input jack for Footswitch compatibility (DSP and Channel Select)
  • Two - 1/4" Speaker Output jacks
  • 120 watt @ 4Ω minimum impedance
  • 20" long  x  9" deep  x  10" tall
  • Hard-wired power cable

This amp is listed at Very Good (vs Excellent) only due to some small cosmetic issues. As portrayed in the final 5 images, there are some instances of scrapes on the corner pads, as well as some cracks in three pads. Also, some built-up dirt along the front bottom edge, and small instances of tearing in the tolex. Overall, none of these issues compromise the structural integrity or the performance of this bad boy! Upon testing, it sounds great with clean signal!