Centaur Acoustic Guitar Amplifier - 12" Driver

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Centaur Acoustic Guitar Amplifier - 12" Driver

Condition: Good

This is a used Centaur Acoustic guitar amp, with a 12" driver, 2 channels each with Volume and Reverb knobs, 1/4" Effects In and Out, and a simple 3-band EQ. This amp sounds very clear, loud, and is perfect for someone wanting a simple, powerful amp for their acoustic guitar. 

Channel 2 has a Low Filter Cut/Boost toggle. There is no "Off," however.  

  • 12" Driver
  • Removable Mesh Grille (after removal of top angle guards)
  • 3-Band EQ, Hi, Mid, Lo
  • Effects Loop
  • Hardwired Power Cable
  • RCA Stereo Tape Input
  • Volume and Reverb knobs per channel

Size:  18" Tall  x  15.5" Wide  x  12" Deep      34 lbs


This item is in Good condition due to its cosmetic state. There is corrosion on the hardware, dust/dirt buildup in the crevices of the tolex wrap, and blemishes in the black metal corner guards. There are a couple small tears in the tolex wrap.

Also, there is a small issue in the driver, shown in final image: It seems to be a small cut or tear, but only features any gap when backward pressure is applied to the driver; this issue isn't noticeable audibly when using the amp. Overall, this item easily looks used, but plays wonderfully and sounds great!