Bundy / Selmer Trombone w/ Hardshell Case

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Bundy / Selmer Trombone w/ Hardshell Case

Condition: Good

This used trombone by Selmer / Bundy comes with a hardshell case. Bundy trombones are aimed towards new players / students, and this one is a great option for someone looking for a used, affordable instrument. 

Comes with Trombone, Case, and Mouthpiece (also used).

This trombone is in "Good" condition (vs anything higher) due to a number of dents and dings in the trombone's body, as well as some corrosion. We did our best to show all / most of the dents, so please look carefully at the final images above before purchasing this trombone. Also note the condition of the mouthpiece (it may be wise to buy a new one).

The case is obviously used, as well. Some markings from past use, and the area with latches to close the case no longer closes perfectly flush. It still closes, for sure, but does not close nice and flush as a new case would.