Boss FS-5U "Unlatch" Footswitch for Effects Pedals

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Boss FS-5U "Unlatch" Footswitch for use with Effects Pedals

Condition: Very Good

This is a footswitch by Boss, meant to be used with guitar effects pedals as a sort-of extra switch, in the event you need one. It is classified as an "unlatch"-style footswitch.

(This pedal in particular was used with a Boss RC-3 loop pedal as the Stop button, while the RC-3 remained the play/record button)

  • This pedal has one 1/4" output jack and one phase shift toggle.

Please Note: This pedal is in "Very Good" condition (vs excellent) due to slight cosmetic issues from normal wear-and-tear. Simple marks and blemishes from its use as a foot pedal.